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I taught thatzak what yaoi was that one time.

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“I don’t care if I die, because I’d die happy!”

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Full House (2004)

rain is so pretty

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» Top 15 Things I Learned from “You’re Beautiful”


  1. Drink more water
  2. Never pray while holding a taser
  3. Be alert.  Always watch for photographers, reporters, wild boars, wild fangirls, etc.
  4. In Korea, even rock bands dance.  Well, at least they have dance practice. They never actually danced on stage.
  5. Electrocution? Heartache? You need more water.
  6. If you plan on singing mindlessly in an open field, remember to bring your cell phone.
  7. Nuns can rock hard
  8. Fan club members have no lives of their own and spend 24/7 in front of their group’s company. (with short excursions to the internet cafe of course)
  9. That aunt who only cares about you once you become famous and can’t tell the difference between her niece and her nephew? Probably a gold digger.
  10. If you lose someone, just think of their pet peeves and fears, and you will find them.
  11. ALWAYS turn off your webcam.
  12. Water cures all.
  13. Look before you eat.  Your mom might have forgotten about your deadly allergy again. Oops!
  14. Stars are a girl’s best friend. (and I now know 2000 analogies for them)
  15. Make sure you get a good double-eyelid surgeon.

I obviously need to watch this drama.

let me be youuuuu

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Loved this scene! Nana is so adorable :D


she is really pretty

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- Dream high -

“Some people treasure their dreams, some people share their dreams, others chase their dreams and reality. Some forget their dreams, some snatch other people’s dreams… others don’t have dreams at all.”

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