I'm just your typical space punk.

21-mermaid-bi-Pittsburgh, PA

I taught thatzak what yaoi was that one time.

dream address: 4200-2890-7514

au pastel mermaid emma stone

How the fuck do I get my hands on the ‘honey i washed the kids’ perfume?

excuse me as I drown in this awesome remix

I have work tomorrow morning but I’m up watching Perfume videos : the saga

I don’t know how I went on living before this video existed.

time to blast perfume and dance around like an idiot

» One Room Disco and Nee wallpapers


All wallpapers are 1366x678




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I could watch this gif forever

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favorite scenes » VOICE
requested by neon-bunny


This is giving me chills. I would KILL to see these ladies live!


Perfume got parodied on Monomane

omfg they’re inhaling “helium gas”

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» Whenever I watch a dance cover of Nee and they aren’t wearing heels

That’s what makes the foot dance part mega impressive!



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