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Tonight at 10pm/ 9pm central MTV will air a new episode of their hit reality television show, 16 & Pregnant.

Briana’s story will primarily be focused on her decision to continue a teen pregnancy and her struggle with life, love and her new daughter. Certainly the focus is on Briana, as it should be - the show is called 16 & Pregnant after all. However, within Briana’s story is the story of her older sister Brittany, who also finds herself facing an unplanned pregnancy. Through Brittany’s abortion took place without the cameras, her experience remains a factor in the family dynamic. 

Looks like MTV is becoming less averse to highlighting other options that teens pursue in light of unexpected/unplanned pregnancy. Look forward to seeing how this is portrayed. Click the link above to read the entire post.


2NE1 - MTV: Style, Music & Nails Interview!


Hahaha, I couldn’t help but to laugh when I saw this.